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[MirageOS-devel] Module inclusion error in 4.01

Dave and I are seeing a new error with 4.01.0 with this standalone MLI file in 
mirage-types (it works with 4.00.1):


File "lib/v1.mli", line 250, characters 4-23:
Error: This variant or record definition does not match that of type error
       Their kinds differ.
Command exited with code 2.

We're trying to define progressively richer modules -- a DEVICE that becomes a 
KV_RO (a read-only key/value store), which can be included into becoming a FS 
(filesystem).  At each stage though, the error type is intended to grow some 
more.  The error substitution seems to work for DEVICE->KV_RO, but fails with 
this in KV_RO->FS.

Any thoughts welcome...

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