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[MirageOS-devel] mirage 1.0.2 released

A flurry of activity today to fill in the libraries on the Xen side, to follow 
the Unix libraries from the Monday 1.0 release.  A summary of what's been 
uploaded to OPAM today.

- mirage 1.0.2 released, with support for HTTP and various bugfixes.

- mirage-net-xen : new package that implements Xen Netfront, and works with the 
Mirage lib_test/netif case.

- mirage-tcpip-unix +
- mirage-tcpip-xen : This is the old mirage-net stack with the socket backend 
removed, the build structure simplified, and compiled against the relevant 

- cohttp 0.9.13, with support for the Mirage 1.0 interfaces.

If you opam update to these, then HTTP traffic is served just fine from a Xen 
kernel too!  Mirage-www should be straightforward to swap out tomorrow, and 
we're back to feature parity for Xen/Unix!

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