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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Mirage-WWW porting status

On 15 Dec 2013, at 19:38, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> On 15 Dec 2013, at 19:26, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
>> I've been making good progress on porting Mirage/WWW to the 1.0 libraries. 
>> The main website now compiles with 1.0 and crunch, with this (now-merged) 
>> pull request:
>> https://github.com/mirage/mirage-www/pull/56
>> It was a fairly brute-force merge, but makes it much easier to break up the 
>> old website into a cleaner one based on the Cowabloga library.
> ...cool. i'll try and have a go at mirage-decks in light of these changes to 
> mirage-www tomorrow on the train then :)

I've made one more change to the pull request at:

With the new mirage/mirage-fs-unix (not packaged in OPAM yet), the Unix version 
will pass through to the underlying filesystem.  This gets us back to the 
convenient mode of developing under Unix without needing to recompile for every 
datafile change, but still being able to crunch it up for deployment on Xen.

Thomas, I think we need to think about how to abstract this matrix of Xen/Unix 
Fs/Block/KV_RO a little more in the Mirage cmdline tool, since it's getting to 
be quite combinatorial now (and every possibility has a good use in some 

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