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[MirageOS-devel] Issues with the list (+ proposal to fix it)

Hi all,

it seems that every person who posts to mirageos-devel for the first time gets caught in a moderator filter. I went through all the settings and cannot explain why this is happening.

I believe, that this is due to the way how we imported the list of users. I just did a bulk import, without notification mail, as this what I was asked to do. Normally, when email addresses are import into a list, imported users get a registration mail with instructions to complete (i.e. set up passwords, etc.). Because those mails were not sent, it is conceivable that subscribers to mirageos-devel, are not seen as fully registered by mailman.

Here is what I propose: next week (when it is quiet) I would
* bulk remove everybody I bulk imported
* re-import all those e-mail addresses including notification mails

This should then allow you to set up passwords, settings, etc. and complete the registration within mailmain. Please scream, if you have an issue


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