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[MirageOS-devel] some pointers for xen/arm on cubie2

A few useful pointers to anyone else looking into Xen/ARM for Mirage.  Ian 
Campbell has tidied up the Allwinner Xen wiki and it's far more accurate now:


I'm currently booting my Cubie2 using an NFS root, but a SATA drive should work 
fine too.  MMC is still problematic by most reports.

As for a MiniOS to get Mirage up on ARM, Julien suggested that a stripped down 
FreeBSD would be easier than a MiniOS, which I quite like given that sharing 
the header files with FreeBSD will make porting the kFreeBSD backend easier too 
in the medium term.  The FreeBSD Xen/ARM working git tree is here:


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