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[MirageOS-devel] auto configuring ip/netmask info

Julian and I were looking into the various Xen config options for networking 
this morning, and it turns out that the XL/XM toolstacks can both specify a 
per-VIF ip/netmask/gateway directly in the VIF configuration. e.g.

vif = ['bridge=xenbr0,ip=,netmask=,gateway=']

These are written into the VIF backend tree in xenstore.

I'd like to take advantage of this by having the network stack automatically 
probe for it and use it if available (i.e. a 'default' mode in the stack 
configuration, which can be overridden by the manual IP or DHCP options).

Any thoughts on the best place to put it, though?  The obvious place is in 
mirage-net-{unix/xen}, but we would need a Xenstore-equivalent for Unix (which 
has come up several times. Dave, how viable is it to have a simple Unix 
Xenstore that maps to a filesystem tree?  We can project configuration 
variables into there for tuntap, and perhaps take care of bridge configuration 
at the same time as well.

Another backend that will need an equivalent registry-style interface are the 
kFreeBSD backend (which could call back into userspace via an ioctl interface).

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