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[MirageOS-devel] cohttp 0.10.0 + associated releases

I've just uploaded cohttp 0.10.0, which has a number of interface cleanups in 
preparation for a stable 1.0 release of the HTTP library.  Thanks to Rudi 
Grinberg for contributing much of this.

The interface cleanups are mainly in the Body handling (now simpler), and the 
callback order for Lwt (instead of labelled types, everything is explicit now). 
 I've fixed all the constraints in the upstream packages, and released a new 
interim version of Irminsule on behalf of Thomas while he's on vacation.

Dave: I haven't fixed vhd-format as I couldn't get it to build on MacOS (will 
look on Linux later), and xen-api-client needs to be merged/released by you.

has the full set of updated packages.

0.10.0 (2014-03-02):
* Interface change: The `Request` and `Response` module types now explictly
  signal `Eof` and `Invalid` (for errors), to help the backend distinguish them.
* Interface change: Unify HTTP body handling across backends into a 
  module.  This is extended by Async/Lwt implementations with their specific
  ways of handling bodies (Pipes for Async, or Lwt_stream for Lwt).
* [lwt] Interface change: HTTP client calls now raise Lwt exceptions rather
  than return an option type.  This permits better error handling in Lwt.
* [lwt] Interface change: The `Server` callback now always provides a `body`
  argument, since `Cohttp_lwt_body` now explicitly supports empty bodys.
* Add `Cohttp.Header.is_keep_alive` to test if a connection should be reused.
* [lwt] Respect the `keep-alive` header in the server request handling.
* [async] Add a `Body` that takes a `Pipe` or a `string`, similarly to Lwt.
* Install `cohttp-server` binary even if tests are disabled.
* Begin an `examples` directory with some simple uses of the library.

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