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[MirageOS-devel] First step for a library 'trove' now live


This is a (very rough and ready) changelog that's generated from the GitHub 
metadata, and a trove file that lists all the repositories to track.  The file 
is held at https://github.com/mirage/mirage-www in the root ('TROVE').

I added a `git-list-releases` binary in the GitHub Jar utilities (`opam install 
github`) that takes this list of files and generates the Markdown page.

The near-term useful things to add to this is (aside from making the HTML 
prettier), is sufficient metadata in the library list to generate an Atom feed 
of releases, and also a summary table that categorizes them into core, backend, 
protocol and other similar sections.  We can also go back and backdate GitHub 
releases metadata if we're feeling suitably motivated.

When you're now creating a release for a Mirage library, do remember it'll be 
rendered on the website, so make the release as informative as possible.  Don't 
include the date or release number in the changelog body, as that's redundant 
information that will look odd when rendered.

Dave, Jon, I haven't added xapi-project libraries to this list yet as I'd like 
to rationalise their licenses before doing so (ideally, all the core Mirage 
libraries need to be ISC/BSD licensed due to the exotic locations they tend to 
get compiled into, where static linking is the norm).  Would be good to work 
our way through the options here and put the libraries in the right 
organizations (this will also help Lars with the statistics crawler).

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