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[MirageOS-devel] welcome to mindy preston!

mindy is joining us via the Outreach Program for Women (http://opw.gnome.org), 
sponsored by the Xen Project, to work on mirage -- likely topics are network 
fuzz testing and perhaps an ipv6 stack. she's already made some great 
contributions, including fixing some DHCP bugs to better support EC2 as 
reported on her blog at <http://www.somerandomidiot.com/> -- check it out :)

here's what she says about herself:

Mindy Preston (frequently "yomimono" on the Internet) is 
a programmer of computers whose former occupations include "hacker 
schooler", "embedded systems programmer", "network security analyst", 
"unix sysadmin", "lawn maintenance technician", "bicycle advocate", and 
"university student".  Her interests include bicycles, type safety, 
cats, doing the minimum correct thing, jokes, breaking stuff, fixing 
stuff, embroidery, ruthless input validation, and adamantly refusing to 
relocate from Madison, Wisconsin.



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