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[MirageOS-devel] irmin 0.8.0

Hi all,

I've release a new version (0.8.0) of Irmin which should land in OPAM soon. It 
contains a couple of API clean-ups -- no real big external changes but things 
have been shuffled around internally. I have tried to separate a bit more 
clearly the different concepts manipulated by the user:
- branches (related to fork/merge operations)
- snapshots (that you can create and then revert)
- and database dumps (to import/export, also related to push/pull operations) 
[remark: I'm not totally happy with the current interface of dumps, it will 
probably evolve a little bit in the next versions -- I want to be able to 
support custom push/pull protocols, for instance the one exported by ocaml-git]

The API name changes are to stay in sync with what I said last week in [1]: 
mainly the renaming of Internal to Block and Reference to Tag and the 
simplification of the Irmin.Make functor.

Also, the Git backend does not have a dependency to unix anymore so would be 
easier to use with mirage. Note that the only Git mirage-friendly store 
available at the moment is the in-memory backend: would be nice to have a raw 
block store one but not yet.

From a usability point-of-view, the to_json/of_json and bin_io functions are 
not needed anymore when creating new contents. The examples have been updated 
to reflect the new API.

As usual, feel free to report any issue on the Github bug-tracker.


[1] http://gazagnaire.org/pub/2014.05.22-irminsule-talk.pdf

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