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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Packaging for Mirage VMs

On 13 Aug 2014, at 15:39, Thomas Leonard <talex5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The main problem with this simple scheme was that the package gets to
> supply the .xl file, which isn't what you want (it imples trusting the
> package with your dom0 for one thing). I think we should have some
> wrapper for 0install that lets the user specify the disk size and the
> service to install and creates the LVM partition and the .xl file
> automatically. e.g.
> $ 0xl add mail http://test.roscidus.com/mail-server.xml --disk=256M
> $ 0xl run mail
> $ 0xl stop mail
> $ 0xl destroy mail
> The simplest approach is to have 0xl run "lvcreate" and "xl" directly
> as subprocesses. However, it could also use some API (e.g. XAPI or
> libvirt). Do people have a preference here? These might be too heavy
> for e.g. deployment on a cubieboard in your home.

Could 0xl call out to some script that decides which toolchain to use?

The issue is the diversity of choices on the host system: it could be
libvirt, xl, or xapi (which apparently works passably well on ARM now),
and also the choice of disk backend (which could be lvm, or file-backed

Then there is the question of running this stuff on EC2 (which Jyotsna's
bindings now support) -- should this be in scope for 0xl?  This would
require a configure phase for 0xl that supplies the EC2 API credentials,
but then everything could be automated after that.

-anil, lost in a maze of cloudy APIs

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