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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Mirage project suggestions for another newcomer

oh es-  a mini dhcp/bootserver for other appliances would def. be a nice

In missive <26190889-A054-4BF5-B705-716850A3F6CA@xxxxxxxxxx>, Dave Scott typed:

 >>Hi Aaron.
 >>On 5 Sep 2014, at 01:10, Aaron Quamme <aaron.quamme@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 >>> Hello,
 >>> =
 >>> I'm looking for suggestions in the vein of Stephen's project - something =
 >>relatively small and non-critical but still useful. I discovered Mirage and=
 >> unikernels last week and find topic rather fascinating, so I decided to ma=
 >>ke it the focus of my undergraduate research project this semester. I don't=
 >> have much experience with OCaml or with functional languages in general, b=
 >>ut I've started on Real World OCaml.
 >>> =
 >>> I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions you provide!
 >>How about a DHCP server implementation? We already have a DHCP client:
 >>A DHCP server would be handy if we want to do fancy network stuff in future=
 >> e.g. for some kind of DHCP + NAT + VPN appliance.
 >>I=92m sure other people have other suggestions too!
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