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[MirageOS-devel] Thinking out loud about secure unikernal communication over the internet

Hello everyone,

With all the buzz about hacking lately, I have been thinking a lot about security. ÂSince our mirage unikernals will be living all over the internet, they will be needing a secure way to talk to each and to move data around.

There are of course a lot of different protocols such as HTTPS or the alphabet soup of VPN protocols.

It would however be nice to keep to our unikernal roots and have a quick and secure protocol that could be spun up and used quickly and efficiently then destroyed.

I would love to hear ideas from the community.

I have recently discovered a new IM protocol being developed by Silent Circle called SCIMP. ÂOne of it's benefits is that the secret key changes with each message so if someone is recording and saving your traffic, they can never get access to old messages with the current key.

It would be good for Mirage to be secure out of the box.

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