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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Irmin roadmap

v cool

here's a (another) possible use case for irmin:

In missive <69D665AD-E191-40B2-8E41-0111697C2E7F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Thomas Gazagn
aire typed:

 >>Hi all,
 >>Lots of people starting asked me about the status of Irmin. As you might 
 >>have notice, I'vent had much time to spend on Irmin last month, but I plan 
 >>to fix that. My current priorities are:
 >>1/ make Irmin compiles on the Xen backend of Mirage.  
 >>This means dropping the dependency to core_kernel (for now on). The external 
 >>API will not change.
 >>2/ improve the high-level JSON API. This is related to 
 >>Currently, we only have a JSON API for the low-level stores, and the very 
 >>partial implementation of the higher-level calls. Needs to complete and 
 >>document that.
 >>3/ implement a pure-ocaml Git server to be able to at least `git pull` from 
 >>it. https://github.com/mirage/ocaml-git/issues/15 
 >>Together with 1/ this will make possible to query the state of a running 
 >>Mirage unikernel with a simple `git pull <vm-address>`
 >>4/ implement a simple distributed log server 
 >>Could use Benjamin's rope implementation, that I first need to release 
 >>5/ try to come up with a solution to the "unlimited" memory/storage usage 
 >>issues https://github.com/mirage/irmin/issues/83
 >>This is the most uncertain part of the short-term roadmap. I'll need to 
 >>check again what are the limitation of Git shallow copies and see how we can 
 >>use them to limit the history size to remember.
 >>There are also few open embarrassing bugs that I want to fix as well 
 >>(regarding fd leaks ...). 
 >>If anyone is interested to help me on any of these topics, please feel free 
 >>to comment on the related issues on Github -- I'll gladly share the 
 >>workload. Also, feel free to reply to that email if you think there is any 
 >>important Imrin features that you think are missing now.
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