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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Location of next Xen Project Developer Summit / User Summit (please respond by end of September)

i'm coming into this late, i don't know how relevant the experience is, and i 
don't really have a feel for the scale or intent of these events so apologies 
if this is noise but fwiw:

many (most?) "large" (300-700 attendees) academic cs conferences now run to ~5 
days rather than the more traditional ~2.5. this allows for collocated 
co-sponsored workshops to be tacked on at the start and/or end. some of the 
larger conferences (around, say, 3000 attendees) go multi-track with workshops 
spread over the entire timetable. both approaches seem fairly successful-- 
though some attendees are very selective about what they register for, numbers 
generally seem to hold up well across the entire week (much better than at, 
eg., oscon, where we've observed dramatically fewer people there on the last 
day). ticket prices are usually discounted based on some combination of 
registering early, having ACM/IEEE membership, and (sometimes) number of events 

so i guess i'd say +1 to something like having several related events 
consecutively with some affiliation between them. amortising travel time is 
good. i think this is roughly what you're suggesting.

re fosdem (or colocation generally)-- what would you want to do there?  would 
it make sense to have a session or a track or a pre-/post-main-event?  would 
being cosponsored (vs just collocating) with fosdem be something that would be 

On 18 Sep 2014, at 02:14, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth.xen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Resending
> On 17 Sep 2014, at 17:30, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth.xen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am CC’ing all the subprojects (and project leads of sub projects who are 
>> not yet fully operational in terms of infrastructure) to get feedback on 
>> next years events. I know we all agreed that we would alternate between 
>> Europe and the US, but this may be challenging next year, because there may 
>> not be enough space. So I wanted to get your feed and will need to make a 
>> decision before the next Advisory Board meeting in October. Ideally well 
>> before.
>> Let me lay out what I know.
>> * LinuxCon US will be in Seattle Aug 17-19
>> * Linux Plumbers will be in Seattle Aug 19, with mini summits Aug 20 & 21st
>> * There will also be a new Container Con Aug 20 & 21st
>> * KVM Forum is thinking but have not decided to be in Seattle also sometimes 
>> between Aug 19 - 21st
>> * There is just enough space for a Xen Project Summit from Aug 19 - 21st 
>> * LinuxCon EU is most likely in Brussels end of September, but it is likely 
>> that there is not enough space
>> I also want to move back to a model where we don’t have a separate user and 
>> developer summit. It is to expensive and too hard to organise. What we would 
>> do is have these semi-separate (e.g. User Summit before the Dev Summit) and 
>> we allow users to stay on and attend the Dev Summit using some discounted 
>> tickets if they want. The main rationale is to save cost and get maximum 
>> impact from sponsorships to subsidise the event(s).
>> But we need to make a decision pretty soon. My thinking was the following:
>> * Developer Summit on 20 & 21st
>> * Developer Meeting, Board Meetings, Hackspace and Working Group would be 
>> held on the 19th. 
>> * We could also have a User Focussed Day on the 19th - the limitation is 
>> that on the 19th we cannot get rooms holding more than 60 people
>> * Try to do something together with KVM Forum (E.g. a joint social event or 
>> something - assuming they buy into it and decide for Seattle, or a joint 
>> Hackathon)
>> * The problem is that this would be a very intensive week and that some 
>> people may have to juggle schedules as they may have to attend several 
>> events.
>> On the other hand, there is likely not enough space to co-locate with 
>> LinuxCon EU. And we always also have a very big presence at FOSDEM in 
>> Brussels. So co-locating seems not quite right, as we are almost competing 
>> with ourselves in the same location that year.
>> Please let me know what your preferences are. I can then get back to the 
>> Advisory Board and get this closed. And I need to know before the end of the 
>> month as otherwise we will run out of options.
>> Best Regards
>> Lars
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