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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Mirage tracing

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On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 2:51 PM, Thomas Leonard <talex5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The PC will be somewhere in Lwt, and inlining will likely make walking
> the stack unreliable. But something like the camlp4 annotations Anil
> mentioned would probably help.

OK, that makes sense.

>> Once you can recognize common patterns in thread creation, you can
>> present them more clearly in the visualization.  The resulting data might
>> also be amenable to flame graph visualization:
> One problem with using flamegraphs here is that threads run in
> parallel (and may outlive their parents, though you can't see it in
> this example image). e.g. a thread that spawns 10 parallel sleep
> subthreads and then joins on them - how would you account for that?

Point taken.  I would focus on threads that spend significant time "blocked"
on I/O or running on-CPU.  Given some time I might try to prototype that.

> I updated the picture with a new trace, which includes more labels and
> lays out "tail-recursive" calls (where a thread merges with a thread
> it previously created) horizontally:
> http://test.roscidus.com/static/block-read-mirage-x86.png
> ( updated trace file: http://test.roscidus.com/static/log-x86.sexp )
> Unfortunately, I overwrote the originals so I'm not sure exactly which
> threads you're referring to. The new layout hopefully makes it clear
> that there are two main things going on here:
> - the test unikernel's loop reading from the the block device ("Process data")
> - the blkfront polling loop, processing responses from dom0 ("blkfront.poll")
> I suspect there are some missing arrows. e.g. 425 gets notified by
> blkfront and then the Process data thread suddenly resolves 426 for no
> obvious reason. Probably just a missing notification somewhere.

The thread I was interested in looked similar to 425, so that may explain it.

> Also, I need to add an indication of when we send a request on an
> event channel. Here, we only see the replies.

Reviewing the log with the viewer has helped me get a better idea of how
things fit together at runtime.  It will be interesting to see more data around
the interactions with Xen.


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