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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Mirage tracing

> http://test.roscidus.com/static/block-read-mirage-x86.png
> I've gone through all the Lwt code again and improved the tracing
> (moved lots of duplicated code into a helper function) and it's
> looking OK now (screenshot above updated).

That looks pretty nice! Not sure white is the best color though with a gray 
background though :-)

Any idea why 1009 doesn't run at all (so why it is alive so long?) Also I don't 
fully understand the control flow there: blkfront.poll creates 4 threads to 
handle every request, and then the 4 threads are seems sequentially ordered. 

>>> Also, I need to add an indication of when we send a request on an
>>> event channel. Here, we only see the replies.
>> Reviewing the log with the viewer has helped me get a better idea of how
>> things fit together at runtime.  It will be interesting to see more
>> data around the
>> interactions with Xen.
> Yes, the startup process is interesting too, seeing all the xenstore
> interactions. I've got it to show the exceptions for failed threads
> now, so you can see it getting Xs_protocol.Eagain a few times (is that
> supposed to happen?).

yea, means that there are some conflicts when transactions are committed. Are 
you using the OCaml or C version? The C version has *a lot* of conflicts 
usually (very dumb conflict resolution)


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