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[MirageOS-devel] Cannot deploy a Unikernel to a XenServer pool running XS 6.2

Hi all,

First of all, sorry if this is not the right place for this post. Feel free to redirect me somewhere else if this is the case.

I've been playing with MirageOS recently, and even if I've been hitting a bunch of issues - mostly related to the current "unstable"-ish status of the mirage-dev reposotiry - I finally managed to move forward an build both Unix processes and Xen Unikernels, with a lot of support from both Anil and Dave through GitHub.

Still, a couple of issues are preventing me to be able to deploy "for real" a unikernel running Octopress that I've been building.

1st problem (workaround exists)

When you have installed all the packages from mirage-dev in order to build MirageOS 2.0, it's not possibe to build theÂxe-unikernel-upload module, due to some incompatibilities between xen-api-client and the latest Cohttp. Since the xen-api-client [1] doesn't seem to allow for issue reporting in GitHub, I'm reporting here. The workaround I found has bin to build both xe and xe-unikernel-upload on my laptop with the mirage 1.2 modules installed, saved the binaries in a safe location, and moved forward with mirage-dev.

  # File "lib/xen_api.ml", line 40, characters 9-20:
  # Error: Unbound module Cohttp.IO
  # Command exited with code 2.

Should I report this bug on a different list? If so, which one?

2nd problem (still unresolved):

I've been succesfully deployng the generated unikernels on dev machines running both XenServer 6.2 and Creedence. These servers are stand-alone (not in a pool) and using only local storage.
When I tried to deploy the same unikernels to a pre-production environment (XenServer 6.2, in a pool, using shared iSCASI storage), I systematically get the following error:

  Uploading VDI containing unikernel
  Caught: Ssl.Write_error(5), cleaning up
  xe-unikernel-upload: internal error, uncaught exception:

and on the XenServer logs I can see the following message:

Oct 21 18:10:38 xenqadev1 xapi: [error|xenqadev1.segundamano.infra|29289224 INET|VDI.import D:3985726b7fc7|xapi] Attach_helpers.with_vbds new VBD has leaked: OpaqueRef:0dc75aa7-fdef-630d-b5a8-2a059390ac2c

Does anyone have any pointer in order for me to know where to start looking into? A redirect to a more appropriate mailing list would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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