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Re: [MirageOS-devel] V1 vs V2 mirage-types

Le mercredi, 12 novembre 2014 Ã 23:24, Thomas Leonard a Ãcrit :
> > Why should we ever need two versions of an interface?
> For example, the Fat module implements the V1 FS interface. Maybe it
> will never be updated to the V2 FS interface, but I might still want
> to use FAT in my programs, alongside other, newer, filesystems.

What I didn't get here is that the discussion was about type signatures (my 
thinking was about an API *implementation* that is provided through two modules 
API.{V1,V2} with different signatures). So the question is rather whether the 
V2 system still allows to work with V1 interfaces in a useful way, if not these 
should rather be moved to an adaptor package that is able to translate V1 
signatures to V2 ones.


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