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[MirageOS-devel] New developer would like to contribute to Mirage project

Hi, guys

My name is Mark Li. I am a third-year undergraduate student who majors in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles. I have strong interest in functional programming language, especially OCaml. I am working with my programming language professor to improve an online OCaml practicing website called “CamlBack": http://camlback.cs.ucla.edu/. I have also done an OCaml project called “Alpaca”, which is a type-safe, fully asynchronous and encrypted SOCKS5 proxy using Core and Async library: https://github.com/marklrh/Alpaca. I also contribute an async version of DNS resolution to Mirage’s OCaml-DNS.

I believe contributing to an open-source OCaml project is the best way to make OCaml community better and I hope I can learn lots of knowledge from it. Although I am just a third-year college student with limited ability, I would love to contribute to the Mirage open-source project and will try to do my best. 


Mark Li. 

Runhang Li
University of California, Los Angeles
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