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[MirageOS-devel] Domain creation/boot times and Xen toolstack

Hi Anil,

in your talk at operatingsystems.io last week (great talk, thanks!), you
mentioned that you have Unikernels "booting in the time between SYN and
ACK" [1].

I'm curious; is this the "raw" boot time (first instruction to serving
requests) or a "full stack on Xen" boot time (domain creation to serving

If it is the latter I presume you are using a custom Xen toolstack to
create the domain? My measurements with rump kernels show that the "xl"
toolstack is quite slow, depending on the exact Xen setup taking between 1
to 2.5 seconds to create a domain with a vif and a couple of disk devices.

Following discussion with Ian Jackson, this (xl) should be be fairly easy
to optimize, has/is anyone from Mirage OS looking at this?


[1] http://decks.openmirage.org/osio2014#/4/4

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