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[MirageOS-devel] Mirage profiling and tracing update

I've put up a page on the Mirage wiki describing the new tracing system:


Whereas the previous examples looked at performance, this one looks at
using tracing to hunt down a bug (a race condition in the network

Some new features since the previous blog post:

- The trace format is now binary (CTF).

- The mirage tool can automatically configure your unikernel for tracing.

- You can view the trace of a program while it's still running, or
after it has crashed.

- The mirage-trace-viewer tool can now read from multiple input
sources (trace files, Unix processes and Xen guests) and output in
mutliple formats (GTK viewer, HTML/JavaScript website, CTF file).

- Many Mirage libraries now have tracing instrumentation built in.

- We now trace Lwt_conditions too, even though they're not technically
threads, adding a nice splash of orange to the diagrams.

- The GTK viewer has an Export SVG feature on the popup menu (which I
used for the poster).

I'd be interested to hear about other people using it...

Dr Thomas Leonard        http://0install.net/
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