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[MirageOS-devel] Custom KV_RO Implementation

I got a chance to see the video from CodeMesh London (Âhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAZhm66pwhc&feature=youtube_gdata ) and it help make some of the things in the Mirage code base makes sense. It also helped put me on the right path for building a configurable framework that could be used along and inside of Mirage. Make everything modules and use functors to provide the implementation!

Which sounds easy, but I'm struggling along.

What I would like to start off with is a new implementation of the KV_RO module but using Redis instead of crunch or the file system. Â

I think I need three things: Âone is the actual implementation module that implements the KV_RO interface / module, one module that provides the packages and libraries you need ( the Impl module? ) and then another for tie those together.

I think I'm struggling with the part of tying things together and making them work. Â

I started with the crunch kv_ro example since it was close enough to what I want to do. I have a module named Kv that provides the libraries/packages/configure roughed out and had ( and will add it back ) a module for the redis kv_ro.

I've had functors and just normal functions that try to create the modules based on the what is done for crunch ( impl kv_ro host (module Kv/KvRoRedis/etc )) and I'm told that impl cannot be found. When i try to use Kv or KvRoRedis directly, i receive an unbound constructor error.

Code can be found at:

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
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