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[MirageOS-devel] mirage-www over ipv6

Hi list,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have mirage-www working over
ipv6 at http://[2001:41c8:21:a::10].  I don't actually have ipv6 right
now, so it would be great if someone who does could confirm that it is
working (or not).

Some of the needed functionality is not yet exposed by the `mirage`
tool, so if you want to build this you will need patched versions of
`mirage-tcpip`, `ocaml-conduit`, and `mirage-www` which you can obtain
and build as follows:

opam pin add tcpip https://github.com/nojb/mirage-tcpip#mirage-www-ipv6
opam pin add conduit https://github.com/nojb/ocaml-conduit#mirage-www-ipv6
git clone -b mirage-www-ipv6 https://github.com/nojb/mirage-www
cd mirage-www
make configure
make build

Best wishes,

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