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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Errors trying the "block" example with Mirage 2.0+ and Xen 4.4

Hi guys,

so after the long thread the bottom line is:

1) the "mirage" command does not really produce a main.ml that both works for 
Unix and Xen out-of-the-box if disk images from files are involved.

2) the issue is due to the lack of a well-designed naming scheme for Xen 
virtual disks to establish a bridge between the filesystem name of the image 
and the device number in the Xen VM

3) there may be ways to improve the state of affairs durably but that requires 
some interface changes (with overlaps with the connect() discussion of the 
other thread)

Can you confirm my understanding is correct?

From here, can you advise what should be the proper course of action *right 
Ie. if I need to explain Mirage to a colleague (my next problem), what should I 
tell them to do to get block devices working for the time being? Is the manual 
update of the generated "main.ml" the appropriate recommended solution?

(Side question: any way to change the "mirage" command to produce the `Unix | 
`Xen pattern match in the generated main.ml automatically?)

Raphael 'kena' Poss · r.poss@xxxxxx

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