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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Compiling on/for ARM

On 24 Mar 2015, at 05:24, Magnus Therning <magnus@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I thought github/mirage-decks would be a good first project to build
> on/for my Cubietruck.  So after installing the mirage tool via `opam`
> I cloned the decks project and proceeded to build it in unix mode.
> `make configure` worked just fine, but `make build` did not.
> Apparently `camlp4` requires more memory than what's available:

mirage-decks isn't a great first choice -- mirage-www would be better.
The reason is that it currently crunches the *entire* slide deck into
memory rather than use an external block device.  We do need to port
the decks build system to dynamically read the slides off disk as they
have grown quite significantly.  What Mort and I normally do is to
delete the irrelevant slides from a local checkout on the ARM box.

Note that you can still get it compile fine if you setup a swap device
as normal on dom0, but compiling it will take forever due to building a
50MB OCaml source file.  I'd recommend just playing with mirage-www
instead, or the static_website example in mirage-skeleton (where you
just populate htdocs/ with whatever content you want)


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