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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Error handling in Mirage - request for comments!

Le dimanche, 29 mars 2015 Ã 12:54, Thomas Leonard a Ãcrit :
> However, exceptions do exist in OCaml.  
But should only be used for programming errors â Division_by_zero, 
Invalid_argument â and/or unrecoverable conditions â Out_of_memory, 
Stack_overflow. (And possibly local control flow but you should never see those 
destroy your stack)

> It seems unlikely to me that this is the desired behaviour. If all
> errors were exceptions then the code would likely handle all these
> cases.

By silently swallowing the exception which is the best way of creating obscure 
bugs and disfunctional software that take hours to debug as this exception was 
either a programming error or an unrecoverable condition.  


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