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[MirageOS-devel] [ANN] release of Mirage 2.4.0


I've just released mirage 2.4.0 in opam, which goes together with conduit 
0.8.0, mirage-conduit.2.1.0, tcpip.2.4.0 and mirage-http.2.2.0. These releases 
improve the TLS support, fix ARP issues, make the mirage HTTP server signature 
only depend on V1.FLOW and fix some usability issues with the mirage 
command-line tool.

The full changelog:

## conduit 0.8.0

â Add TLS client support for Mirage (#50)
â Do not overwrite the default name resolver for Mirage (#49)
â Add TLS support using the pure OCaml TLS stack (#46).
â Replace the Mirage Make_flow functor with Dynamic_flow that is easier to 
extend with more flow types.

## tcpip 2.4.0

â ARP improvements (#118)

## mirage-http 2.2.0

â Do not user lwt.syntax
â Rename HTTP to Cohttp_mirage (#9)
â Expose Cohttp_mirage_io
â Expose a Server functor which depends only on mirage's FLOW (no dependency to 
conduit anymore in this case)
â Modernize Travis CI scripts

## mirage 2.4.0

â Support mirage-http.2.2.0
â Support conduit.0.8.0
â Support tcpip.2.4.0
â Add time and clock parameters to IPv4 (#362, patch from @yomimono)
â Support for ocaml-tls 0.4.0.
â Conduit now takes an optional TLS argument, allowing servers to support 
encryption. (#347)
â Add the ability to specify Makefile.user to extend the generated Makefile. 
Also all,build and clean are now extensible make targets.
â Remove the mirage run command (#379)
â Call opam depext when configuring (#373)
â Add opam files for mirage and mirage-types packages
â Fix mirage --version (#374)
â Add a update-doc target to the Makefile to easily update the online 
documentation athttp://mirage.github.io/mirage/

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