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[MirageOS-devel] Talking about MirageOS at Devs in the Ditch, May 21st

Hello all,

Just a heads up that I am going to be talking about unikernels and MirageOS a bit at Devs in the Ditch, which is a tech meetup run by 7digital (my employer)

The event page is here:Âhttp://www.meetup.com/devs-in-the-ditch/events/221972483/ , I can see a few familiar names from this list have already signed up.

My talk is going to be quite high-level, and focus on my experiences and motivations for wanting to learn about MirageOS, as well as showing off various cool projects (Jitsu springs to mind) that will hopefully encourages others to explore MirageOS. Anyway, I hope this is an acceptable topic for a beginner like me to talk about! If it's OK, I might run a few of the slides (*) past the list. Looking forward to meeting some of you on the 21st.



(*) which hopefully will be hosted using Mirage!

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