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[MirageOS-devel] TLS deployments/feedback needed

Hi folks,

The TLS work is proceeding well and you might have noticed that 
https://mirage.io is working, which is using the TLS stack.  Since weâre on the 
brink of doing some releases, itâs important that we get a few more actual 
deployments out there to gather more feedback and highlight any issues.

Iâm inviting folks on this list to try out OCaml-TLS with some of the things 
theyâve already built.  Specifically, Iâm wondering if:

Thomas Leonard â Would you (have you already) got the new stuff working with 
your REST service?  How about Cuekeeper?

Mindy Preston â Would you up for trying this out on your static website (i.e. 
run https://somerandomidiot.com)?  

Mort â As for Mindy, would you be able to set up https://mort.io?

In fact, *anyone* running a static website could probably have a go at this 
with minimal risk.  Until recently, it's only been deployed on the Pinata and 
the TLS handshake site.  Although itâs worked well â and been stable â for 
those sites, we should try to make sure itâs working well when others try it 

Please do let us know how you get on!


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