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Re: [MirageOS-devel] CT 'xl create' - Loops and Device Model


Thank you for your e-mail Luke.
No, see that's the weird thing, when I use logical volumes I can create domU guests without any issue, even with memory set at Â512MB.
The issue is specifically with using .img files instead of logical volumes.Â
I've upgraded Xen to 4.5 on the CT and tried few more other modifications to the configurations, but no cookie.
I'm sure it's something really simple that I'm missing..

In any case, the LVs will have to do for now.Â
I'm still trying a number of other things on the side, and if I do manage to find a way around this, I'll try and send out an RCA & solution in the hope that others may benefit.

Have a wonderful day!

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