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[MirageOS-devel] A better Twitter API library

Hi, guys

I am writing a new Twitter API library targeting both Unix and Mirage(Xen). Currently, there is
one Twitter library in the community, which is called Ocamltter (https://github.com/yoshihiro503/ocamltter). It is pretty old and barely usable nowadays.

I am working on a new one called Otter (https://github.com/marklrh/otter). It only depends on Lwt, Cohttp and Nocrypto. I am done with 9 out of about 50 APIs and am implementing the rest. My final goal is to be able to compile a Twitter bot down to an unikernel and run it under Xen hypervisor.Â

Any suggestion or feedback is very welcomed.


Runhang (Mark) Li
University of California, Los Angeles
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