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[MirageOS-devel] TFTP, Oasis, OPAM, Structuring modules, and Docs

Hi; I recently took some time out to write some code -- specifically a
TFTP (server) library and unikernel (result at
https://github.com/mor1/ocaml-tftp/ and docs at
http://mor1.github.io/ocaml-tftp/ FWIW, hopefully coming to OPAM Real
Soon Now(tm)). I've a few questions as a result :)

1. Where's the best place to look for examples of how to setup a
project to use Oasis and publish through OAPM?  I hacked something
together from examination of some recent projects, primarily due to
@samoht and @dsheets, but the documentation generally seemed sparse
and rather out-of-date. (If it really is that bad, I'm happy to start
filing issues if someone points me appropriately :)

2. Is there a recommended way to structure an OCaml library for use by
ocamlfind and Mirage that's fairly lightweight (ie., not
ocaml-cohttp's functorise all the things approach)? In this case I
wanted to pack S and Wire under Tftp, but still expose two separate
ocamlfind packages, tftp and tftp.wire. The packing seems to work, but
I end up with #require "tftp.wire";; exposing just Wire, which doesn't
seem entirely satisfactory.  I'm happy to tie to recent compiler
releases (4.02 and above) if it will make things significantly better.

3. Where's the code that generates / aggregates the package docs at
http://mirage.github.io ?  It's pretty useful as-is but it would be
even more useful if the front page index was sorted alphabetically
(or, indeed, at all.. :)

Finally, of course, any other commentary on the code in that repo is
welcome-- whether as issues or just comments on style (or lack of it!)

Richard Mortier

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