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[MirageOS-devel] Writing to Multiple Serial Ports

We are trying to access a serial port passed to a domu. We're very new to Mirage
and ocaml, but plan on converting our existing system to use MirageOS for
various domU's.

So, at the moment, the question we have is whether anyone has had any success
writing to multiple serial ports with one of those serial ports being accessed
from a domu?

As a first attempt, we took the Mirage console example and added a second
console. We connected it to '1' and then to /dev/null and tried to print to it.
Neither of the ideas were valid. We're not sure what the console should be named
or what the hashtbl is looking for. The application compiles, but the VM halts
with a message stating. "... waiting for hotplug". The application built for
unix didn't work either.

We are trying to read data from a GPS receiver from a domu.

Any ideas where we should look for getting this capability?

I appreciate the help!

Paul Skentzos
Aaron Cornelius

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