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[MirageOS-devel] Speakers wanted for Unikernel event at SCALE 14X in January

Anil et al,

The "Unikernels & More Summit" (working name) is on!  We have a verbal agreement with the organizers of Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) to hold a one day event at SCALE 14X on (tentatively) January 29 in Pasadena, CA.

In keeping with the "Unikernel User Summit" which we held at Texas Linux Fest (TXLF) this past summer, we want an event which focuses on inviting new users to actually try working with Unikernels. 

The event in Texas was enthusiastically embraced by a crowd of Unikernel novices, some of whom attended Texas Linux Fest specifically for the Summit (this according to one of the TXLF organizers).  We saw a maximum of about 60 people in the room, with a total reach of 80+ (including people who moved between the Summit and other TXLF activities on that morning).  Given that SCALE is several times the size of TXLF (expected attendance is over 3000 this year), and that we are doing a full day instead of a half day, we believe we should be able to top 100 attendees for this event.

What we need now is YOU!  We need some good talks about using Unikernels, as well as other bleeding-edge innovations.

In particular, we'd like to see:

- HowTo talks for particular Unikernels:  Tell people how to get and build a specific Unikernel.  Maybe demonstrate your favorite "Hello World" application.

- Use Cases for particular Unikernels:  Exactly what is your Unikernel of choice suited for?  Why?  What attributes will grip users and make them say, "I need to try that!"?

- Success Stories: Who is actually using your Unikernel and for what?  I have been asked multiple times for real world stories of Unikernels in action.  This is your chance to make an impact on people hungry to hear about some successes.

- War Stories: How did you build or employ a Unikernel?  What problems did you face?  What solutions did you come up with?  Give the audience an account of some real world experiences to take home with them.

- Unikernel Tools: What tools have you used and/or developed to further the use of Unikernels?  Tools for debugging, testing, instantiating, integrating... whatever.

We want talks to electrify a group of Unikernel novices and to encourage them to begin playing with Unikernels.

Interested?  Please let me know so we can give you an opportunity to make some real noise at what could be the largest Unikernel user event ever held!

If you think you might want in, drop me a line.


Russ Pavlicek, Summit organizer
Home Office: +1-301-829-5327
Mobile: +1-301-814-1143
UK VoIP: +44 1223 852 894
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