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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Community (was Re: How to implement protocols?)

Le mercredi, 18 novembre 2015 Ã 14:55, Richard Mortier a Ãcrit :
> > > More generally, as this community (hopefully!) continues to grow,
> > > http://sarah.thesharps.us/2015/10/06/what-makes-a-good-community/
> > > might be a worthwhile read.
> >  
> > To be honest I don't give a shit about the notion of community. Bands of 
> > individuals gather for sometime to share a common goal and create something 
> > and then disband to pursue other goals and that's the way it should be. 
> > This kind of politically correct nurturing community things tend to produce 
> > hypocritical and asslicking cultures for people who value the community (or 
> > their position within) more than what it actually produces. And if you 
> > value the community more than what it produces you are worshipping shit â 
> > or at least I'm not personally interested â the real world is more 
> > interesting.

I apologize for this, and maybe some other, colorful language. I often get 
carried away and try to underscore my strong convictions with the use of strong 
language, which is something that I do naturally when I debate face to face. It 
seems that it may be counter-productive in this context.  

What I wanted to say and as I told Richard privately:  

1) I don't see myself as being part of any form of community â outsiders may 
label me with such concepts, but it's their way of seeing the world. I do not 
share this world view and do not operate with such an abstraction. I interact 
with *persons* in the context of software projects.
2) The way *I* read the contents of the link Richard sent above is basically 
about running a community under the form of a class-based society were you have 
leaders and non-leaders that strive for power in a community. I personally do 
not want to operate under such a system and I do not recognize leaders (and do 
not strive to be one â if that's not clear). I have no problem in leaving if 
this happen to be a problem for the persons involved in this project. I think 
that having leaders (implicit or explicit) and ladders is in general 
detrimental to produce the best outputs, as it prevents each other from 
challenging ideas and code based on what these artifacts are for themselves.  

I would also like to add:

3) I don't see purely negative comments as being non-constructive. If each time 
we see something bad we have to actually fix it for being able to cast the 
criticism then we are not going anywhere. I will try however to do it using 
less offensive, if not emotional language.

> http://todogroup.org/opencodeofconduct/
Quickly skimming through it I think that this is a much reasonable document 
than the blog post about communities. In fact, I mostly subscribe to it.



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