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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Compiling simple-nat

On 18 December 2015 at 01:33, Mindy <mindy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12/18/2015 01:16 AM, Jeremy Yallop wrote:
>> On 17 December 2015 at 23:21, Heikki Mahkonen <heikki.mahkonen@xxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> I'm trying to compile the simple-nat as described in
>>> https://github.com/yomimono/simple-nat/blob/master/README.md.
>>> I'm getting this... Any ideas?
>>> user@xendev:~$ opam pin add tcpip
>>> https://github.com/yomimono/mirage-tcpip.git#expose_routing_exn
>> It appears that this pin is no longer needed, since the
>> expose_routing_exn branch was merged upstream a little while ago:
>>      https://github.com/mirage/mirage-tcpip/pull/166
>> so you can simply omit that step from the instructions.  However, some
>> of the other dependencies seem to rely on particular versions of Irmin
>> (0.9.8 or 0.9.9), so you may also need to run the following:
>>      opam pin add irmin 0.9.9
> Quite correct, Jeremy, and thank you for the PRs!  The libraries on which
> simple-nat depends now correctly constrain themselves to versions of Irmin
> which have a chance of working.  Expect updated versions of said libraries
> shortly...

I started updating it myself a while back:


However, I didn't need Irmin for my use so I switched to using the
earlier pre-Irmin version (so my patch is untested, though it does
compile). Would be nice if Irmin were optional...

Dr Thomas Leonard        http://roscidus.com/blog/
GPG: DA98 25AE CAD0 8975 7CDA  BD8E 0713 3F96 CA74 D8BA

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