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Re: [MirageOS-devel] A Unikernel Firewall for QubesOS

On 01/02/2016 12:14 PM, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
On 2 Jan 2016, at 12:07, Thomas Leonard <talex5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a Mirage firewall running now under Qubes:



Seconded!  This is very cool; I look forward to using it myself. :)

There are some things that need fixing though:

- I'm using an old version of mirage-nat, as the current version
requires Irmin. I think there were some plans to factor this out -
what's the status of this?

In progress. I've been distracted by other things but hope to have it finished soon. Having users for this library is a huge motivator, so in combination with the points you raise below mirage-nat is probably headed for a 1.0 re

I think only the new version has code to
expire entries, right?

Yes, but with some very stupid and broken logic; rather than doing anything intelligent with state tracking there's a simple wall-clock-based timeout with a much longer horizon for TCP connections than UDP ones. It really ought to do something smarter before release.

- You need to generate an unused port for NAT. I copied simple-nat's
system of picking a random number and retrying but (as the TODO there
says) this will eventually run out of ports and hang. I assume we
should add some kind of free-port tracking to tcpip, right? pcb.ml's
getid has a better strategy of searching forward from the last port it
used, but it will also hang if it runs out (as noted by another TODO).
The UDP code doesn't seem to track free ports at all (fails with a
TODO if you ask it to pick a free one).
Yes, we need a standalone free-port picking datastructure for a few things:
- udp source port selection
- tcp/ip source port selection
- ipv4 id selection also needs some form of non-repeating selector
   but we don't currently fragment outbound at the moment.

For randomising this, a linear congruential generator is what the
OpenBSD stack uses.

Agreed with all above.

- I'm not sure what the protocol is for disconnecting netback clients.
Currently I just set the interface state to Closed, but the XenStore
directory in "backend/vif" remains - is this documented somewhere?
Good question, not sure.

- Mirage allows you to access memory after unmapping it. This isn't
safe (may page-fault or give access to someone else's data). I've
added checks in mirage-net-xen to make sure we don't try to access a
ring after unmapping it [1], but I think this should be fixed at the
Bigarray level [2].

Did that Bigarray patch get committed into OCaml 4.03dev?  I dont
have a checkout handy here and it's hard to map a commit to the
associated PRs in the web UI.

- mirage-nat doesn't do NAT for ICMP packets, so ping doesn't work yet.
Presumably this also means that UDP NAT doesnt work?

Since most firewalls implement default-drop for incoming packets which don't match a rule, most stacks are quite used to not receiving ICMP errors for attempted UDP connections that aren't to open ports. Or possibly I misunderstand? At any rate, mirage-nat creates rules for UDP connections and rewrites headers just as it does for TCP.

- mirage-nat mutates packets in-place. It might be cleaner if it made
a copy instead (it could copy just the header and return [new_header;
old_payload]). Since mirage-net copies the data into the shared ring
anyway, there should be very little overhead to doing it this way

I had assumed there would be high overhead to a copying approach, but what you say merits trying it out. I agree that a copy would be cleaner.

- mirage-nat works on whole Ethernet frames. I believe NAT only
applies to the IP layer - it would make my code cleaner if I could
strip off the Ethernet header when the frame arrives and just work
with the IP layer. It might simplify the mirage-nat API too.

I'll think about this a bit.

- I don't validate checksums on incoming packets, and always
recalculate after NAT before sending. We should probably track this
properly and support checksum offload. This will require an interface
change to NETWORK.
Yeah, there's a general need for feature flags to be added to the
NETWORK device interfaces...

Looking forward to trying this out on my Cubieboard at home soon!


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