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[MirageOS-devel] Xen Project Infrastructure Maintenance: Feb 25th and 1st of March

Hi everyone,

we are rebooting a number of Xen Project services in the next few days to 
upgrade operating systems. This means that a few services may be temporarily 
unavailable. The following websites are affected and will be done during the 
times below. If you notice any issues after the reboot, please reply to this 
mail or check on the #xeninfra IRC channel.

= Thursday, Feb 25th, 7am - 9am UTC : mailing lists & mail server =
Affected services: 
- all foo @ lists at xenproject dot org mailing lists
- forwarding of mails to foo @ xenproject for org accounts
- downloads.xenproject.org

Note that mails to all mailing lists will be delayed during the maintenance 

= Tuesday, March 1st, 7am - 9am UTC : xenbits and xen etherpads =
Affected services: 
- Xen Project source code repositories
- Automatically generated xenproject docs
- List of security vulnerabilities
- Xen Project etherpads

If you need to clone or commit to any affected repositories please do so before 
or after

Best Regards

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