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[MirageOS-devel] [ANN] mirage 2.8.0 released

Hi folks,

Mirage 2.8.0 (and the complementary tcpip 2.8.0) is now available in opam. The changeset is rather small, and would likely have been a point release if not for minor API breakage related to the STACKV4 module type. (The only users who are likely to notice this are those who are building their own modules of type STACKV4 rather than receiving the output of the `mirage` front-end tool's generated stacks.)


* Provide an implementation for the ICMPV4 module type defined in mirage-types 2.8.0. Remove default ICMP handling from the IPv4 module, but preserve it in tcpip-stack-direct.
  * Explicitly require the use of an OCaml compiler >= 4.02.3 .
  * Explicitly depend on result.


* Define an ICMP and ICMPV4 module type. ICMPV4 is included in, and surfaced by, the STACKV4 module type. The previous default behavior of the IPv4 module with respect to ICMP is preserved by STACKV4 and the tcpip_stack_direct function provided by mirage. * Explicitly require OCaml compiler version 4.02.3 in opam files for mirage-types and mirage.


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