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[MirageOS-devel] mirageOS: reproducible builds

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Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 10:57:20 +0100
From: Hannes Mehnert <hannes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "mirageos-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <mirageos-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Holger Levsen <holger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: reproducible builds

dear hackers,

now that OCaml-4.03 is out, and MirageOS works with it, a friend (cc'ed)
running the reproducible builds project (sponsored by linux foundation /
CII / ..) told me we can appear on https://reproducible-builds.org/who/

This would for sure make sense, if we would have
a) some experiments validating that we actually generate reproducible
virtual machine images
b) a website (https://mirage.io/wiki/reproducible) describing why we
have this property (and which pieces are involved, likely the OCaml
compiler, a C compiler, a linker)
c) maybe publish some images (qubes firewall comes to mind) and their
checksums (likely the dependent package versions as well)?  This would
enable people to try out our claim.

I won't have time to do this in the near future, thus if anyone wants to
take care of this, that would be great!


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