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[MirageOS-devel] mirageos 3.0 : let's break some APIs

Hi folks!

With some exciting new developments (OCaml 4.03 with flambda, `result`, `logs`) and users, it's probably time to think about the broad world of possibilities unlocked by big changes to mirage-types. Here are some things that recently have been mentioned:

* rename the `V1` and `V1_LWT` modules to something unversioned, like `S` or `MIRAGE`

* replace or augment the `error` types with Result.result

* break up `mirage-types` into a package per module type, so module types can be independently changed and released

* changes to the semantics of functions in low-level module type definitions like `FS` and `NETWORK`

I'm surely missing many things folks would want to incorporate in a big API-breaking release -- please do let us know what they are. :)

Also, if you have any long-standing PRs or issues that are blocked because you don't want to do a big API-breaking change, links to them would be appreciated.



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