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Re: [MirageOS-devel] xen-arm-builder, pine64 and rpi-boot-ocaml

> On 7 Apr 2016, at 16:43, Nick Betteridge <lists.nick.betteridge@xxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
>> A Pine64 has just turned up on my desk and I thought I might just have a
>> try at building a x-a-b and r-b-o image for the beast.
>> U-boot, kernel, xenial image etc., is, I believe, almost there for the
>> A64/Pine64 and virtualisation should work too.
>> Can anyone advise me if this is going to lead me to a dead-end - I'm
>> assuming that compiling mirage for arm64 should work out of the box?
> Not a dead-end, but a slightly twisty maze...
> If you have a working Xen, you'll need:
> - Working ARM64 ocamlopt backend, which is present in 4.02.3 and improved in 
> 4.03 (due out in the next couple of weeks).  This should be fine, but you may 
> run into odd compilation issues with some C stubs that should be easily 
> fixable.
> - MiniOS ARM64 patches -- no idea what the upstream state of this is, 
> although I did see some fly by.
> Mirage in Unix mode should be the first step, just to make sure it works ok.  
> Have you got it running to a multiuser prompt to try it out yet?
> Mort and I have been slowly getting an ARM64 server up and running here in 
> Cambridge, so once we get past BIOS UEFI hell we should be able to run 
> automated builds on it as well.
>> I would also like to set up the pine, using r-b-o as a basis, to be able
>> to set up a skeleton deployment environment for unikernels - is this
>> realistic?
> I think the biggest unknown is MiniOS ARM64 support...

Just read yesterday's irclog from the weekly meeting - if the hackathon
is open to non-Cambridge people then I would love to get started on the
above - just can't make first week in July :)

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