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[MirageOS-devel] mirage-www: history rewrite on master, deployments working again!

Hi folks,

After an embarrassing number of commits to mirage-www (sorry if you are one of the 30 other people watching that repository), the `deploy` targets finally are capable of committing new unikernels to the mirage-www-deployment repository once again. I'll shortly be rewriting history on the mirage-www master branch to squash all of the testing commits I made in order to get mirage-www's automatic deployments working again.

If you made a branch off of mirage-www's master branch sometime in the last ~16 hours, you may have an extra bit of complication in submitting any pull request based on that branch, but unless you were also trying to fix the deployment scripts it should be easily remedied by an interactive rebase that discards all commits to .travis-deploy-mirage.sh .

Lest we lose sight of the point of this victory: new content is live on mirage.io *right now*, including a post on learning about MirageOS ( https://mirage.io/wiki/learning )! :D


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