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[MirageOS-devel] opam pin add mirage-solo5 <SNIP> No VCS repository found


another opam install.

when i do the following

"opam pin add mirage-solo5 https://github.com/mirage/mirage-solo5.git";

i get 

[NOTE] mirage-solo5 is currently git-pinned to 
Proceed ? [Y/n] y
mirage-solo5 is now git-pinned to https://github.com/mirage/mirage-solo5.git

[mirage-solo5] https://github.com/mirage/mirage-solo5.git updated
[mirage-solo5] Installing new package description from 

mirage-solo5 needs to be installed.
The following actions will be performed:
  - install mirage-solo5 dev~solo5*
Do you want to continue ? [Y/n] y

=-=- Gathering sources =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
[mirage-solo5] https://github.com/mirage/mirage-solo5.git already up-to-date

=-=- Processing actions -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
[ERROR] The compilation of mirage-solo5 failed at "ocaml pkg/pkg.ml build 
--pinned true".

#=== ERROR while installing mirage-solo5.dev~solo5 ============================#
# opam-version 1.2.2
# os           openbsd
# command      ocaml pkg/pkg.ml build --pinned true
# path         /home/asteen/.opam/4.06.1/build/mirage-solo5.dev~solo5
# compiler     4.06.1
# exit-code    1
# env-file     
# stdout-file  
# stderr-file  
### stderr ###
# pkg.ml: [ERROR] Pin distribution preparation failed: 
/home/asteen/.opam/4.06.1/build/mirage-solo5.dev~solo5: No VCS repository found

but when i look in "/home/asteen/.opam/4.06.1/build/mirage-solo5" it all looks 
correct. ( i am attempting to pin the "mirage/mirage-solo" as a test to 
eventually pin my own copy.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

Please note this is on OpenBSD with ocaml 4.06.1 and aspcud installed (i have a 
PR for OpenBSD support)


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