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[MirageOS-devel] ANN: Solo5 development mailing list

Dear all,

Some time ago I conducted an informal poll amongst the top Solo5
contributors about whether to set up a mailing list or other forum
dedicated to general Solo5 development discussion, or to (ab)use the
MirageOS mailing list for this. The results were overwhelmingly in favour
of setting up a new list, which with Hannes' help is now ready for use at

The purpose of this list is to complement Github with a place for
open-ended discussion, RFCs on intended contributions, and so on, all of
which are not necessarily specific to any particular unikernel running on
Solo5. For such discussions specific to Mirage/Solo5 I expect those to
continue here. Likewise, I have pointed potential users of IncludeOS on
Solo5 to their respective community channels.

To subscribe yourselves to the list, please send an empty message to:

For a list of other commands available to you on the list server, send an
empty message to: 

The list is set to moderate posts from non-subscribers, Hannes and myself
are the moderators.

Additionally, I have set up a public archive of the list at:



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