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[MirageOS-devel] [ANN] Irmin now support the latest dev version of ocaml-git

Hi all,

As I have just merged https://github.com/mirage/irmin/pull/482, Irmin now works 
with the latest dev version of ocaml-git. 

Which means (thanks to the work done by @dinosaure last year):

- bounded allocation policy at runtime (e.g. no more crazy memory consumption 
on git pull for large repositories)
- working push/pull et GC/repack

As we are planning a new release in the coming weeks, now is a good time to 
test we haven't broke anything to your libraries. The API is not expected to 
change much but we are still fixing a few known issues, especially regarding 
performance regression (hint: do not write checksum functions in pure OCaml if 
you want to be fast). 

We would also like to expose the fact that Irmin could act as a fully compliant 
Git server -- which is implemented in the latest ocaml-git -- not sure how to 
expose in the API yet, feedback is welcome. Same for the GC: it is possible to 
run it manually but we haven't added a hook in Irmin API to do that 
automatically yet. Both features would probably not make it into the next 
release as they require a bit more of design/planning but they are on the 

Lastly, if you are interested in Irmin UX/UI (from a CLI point of view), please 
make your voice heard in 
https://discuss.ocaml.org/t/irmin-usability-enhancements/2017 !

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