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Re: [MirageOS-devel] mirage-skeleton/applications/static_website_tls and gmp-freestanding

On Tuesday, 04.09.2018 at 12:40, Adam Steen wrote:
> Hi
> i was trying to test static_website_tls and got the following error after a 
> "mirage configure -t ukvm && gmake depends"
> [ERROR] The sources of the following couldn't be obtained, aborting:
>           - gmp-freestanding.6.1.2-1
> gmake: *** [Makefile:14: depends] Error 40
> Is this due to the installed version of gmp? or ....

"opam source gmp-freestanding" seems to work from here (cleared the opam
cache, and also tested manually downloading the source URL). Likely a
transient problem.


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