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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [Proposal] Unikernels introduction in Japanese

Many thanks for providing your comments and suggestions!

The MirgeOS handbook seems to have good topics which I should write on Qiita.
I will try to have a variety of topics from OCaml, Unikernel, and MirageOS 
points of view. :-)

Kind regards,

Takayuki Imada

On 9/14/18 6:16 AM, Mindy Preston wrote:
On 09/13/18 11:05, Takayuki Imada wrote:

Dear all,

I have recently decided to create Japanese Web pages to introduce Unikernels.
A main motivation for this is that most of computer geeks in Japan have 
difficulties in easily understanding about Unikernels and their values due to 
the lack of information on Unikernels written in Japanese.

Fortunately, there is a famous Web site called Qiita[1], where hackers 
(=software engineers) can easily create Web pages to share their own knowledge 
for free.
This site mainly targets Japanese hackers, so most of the topics are written in 

Currently I have a plan to have Unikernels related Web pages on the site to 
introduce the Unikernels concept and MirageOS Unikernel too.
If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know.

Cool! I recall some early searches I did about MirageOS leading to old unanswered 
questions on Qiita (circa 2014!).  It would be great to engage with that 
community :)

It would be probably be useful to know what resources exist for discussing 
related concepts in OCaml (functors, for example) in Japanese, in addition to 
explanations of why unikernels in general are a cool idea.

Any feedback about things that are particularly difficult to understand in the 
English-language documentation for MirageOS would be really helpful for us from the 
project side, too.  I think most of the tutorial was written by people who 
speak English as a first language, and it could probably use some feedback on what's 

There is also the brainstorming table of contents for the MirageOS handbook at 
https://github.com/mirage/mirage-handbook , which was begun at the last hack 
retreat.  It would be great if bits of this were filled in for *any* language!


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