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[MirageOS-devel] Solo5 talk at FOSDEM this Sunday

Hi all,

Ricardo Koller and myself will be presenting a talk on Solo5 at FOSDEM,
this coming Sunday (Feb 3rd).

From the abstract:

    Solo5 is a microkernel friendly, sandboxed, re-targetable execution
    environment for unikernels, with a taste for minimalism. We will start
    with an overview of core Solo5 concepts and present the interfaces it
    offers to the unikernel/library operating system/application developer.
    Using existing library operating systems, such as MirageOS, we will
    demonstrate the developer experience for various Solo5 targets, going
    on to show how rigorously applying minimalist principles to interface
    design is used to our advantage, blurring traditional lines between
    unikernels, processes, kernels and hypervisors. We will conclude with
    some lessons learned during development of Solo5 thus far, and present
    ideas and challenges for future development.

Link to the event:


If you're at FOSDEM, hope to see you there. For those not attending, I'll
follow up with links to the recording after the event.


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